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Goals and Responsibilities:

​​With the integration of sectors, and in order to achieve the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, as well as to raise the Kingdom's competitiveness globally; we are working to achieve the following goals:

  1. Working on improving and developing the competitive environment in Saudi Arabia and raising the Kingdom’s ranking in relevant global reports and indicators.
  2. Communicating with government and private entities, including concerned civil and non-profit associations and institutions, and building partnerships with them in order to serve the NCC's goals and objectives for which it was established.
  3. Suggesting plans aimed at raising the Kingdom’s competitiveness in various fields, discussing them with the concerned government and private entities and working to develop them.
  4. Reviewing and developing the relevant regulations, and proposing the necessary amendments in this regard, in agreement with the relevant government entities, in accordance with the legal procedures.
  5. Conducting research and studies on topics related to the NCC's objectives and goals.
  6. Determining the obstacles and challenges related to the development of the competitive environment, providing views and proposing the necessary reforms in this regard, and following up on the commitment of the concerned entities to implement them.
  7. Concluding memoranda of understanding and cooperation with government entities and the private sector, in order to unify efforts aimed at improving the competitive environment in Saudi Arabia.
  8. Follow up the commitment of government entities to carry out the necessary reforms to improve the Kingdom's competitiveness.
  9. Organizing forums and conferences, and holding local, regional and international seminars and workshops that deal with the competitive environment, in accordance with the legal procedures.
  10. Monitoring and analyzing all indicators and reports that have an impact on the competitive environment in Saudi Arabia, issued by reputable international organizations, and work to improve the Kingdom's ranking in it, in cooperation with the relevant entities.
  11. Building strategic partnerships with global competitiveness development organizations and centers.
  12. Benefiting from the practices and experiences of countries that ranked advanced in international competitiveness reports and indicators.
  13. Surveying and monitoring the opinions of the public through various means regarding the competitive environment in Saudi Arabia, in various fields.
  14. Building a database that shows the Kingdom’s ranking in global competitiveness reports, the extent of progress achieved, and the impact of the reforms accomplished on the competitive environment in Saudi Arabia.