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This privacy and data protection policy applies to only You should carefully read their privacy and data protection policy when transferring to another website through this platform. The provisions and procedures in the law shall not prejudice any provision granting a right to the owner of personal data or deciding to protect it better, provided for by another regime or international agreement to which the Kingdom is a party. 

1- Use at Your Own Risk: The Platform contains links to other websites that are not subordinate to the Digital Government Authority supervisors and so are not responsible for the content of those sites. Any dangers arising from browsing sites through the links provided on the Platform are the User's responsibility. The Platform contains links to other websites or portals that may attempt to protect information and privacy using tools different from those used by the Platform; consequently, we are not responsible for the content or the means of privacy protection used. We advise Users to review the privacy policies of these websites. Some of the Authority’s websites use Cookies; these files give Users full access to websites. If desired, Cookies can be used to remember passwords and simplify accessing the website. Cookies files are stored on the computer's hard disk if they have been accepted and coded.

2- Limits of Liability: Users hereby acknowledge their awareness that online communications can be spied upon or hacked by third parties. As confirmed, Users are aware that the Platform will not alter information made available by official government agencies and that, in addition, all online applications and administrative procedures can also be made directly and executed in person. The platform takes no responsibility for any loss or damage Users may suffer from using and visiting the Platform, including as the result of any information, statement or view announced on it. Further, the Platform is not responsible for any problems that may arise in accessing the Internet and any damages to machines or software, nor can it be held accountable for any misconduct or malicious comment made by other users logged in to it.

3- Protection from Viruses: Users shall avail themselves of the appropriate Antivirus Programs when attempting to download any content from the Platform. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to data or the User computer that may arise during the use of this Platform or any of its content.

4- Assignment of Claims: Ncc and all its services, sources of information and other materials are for personal use without acknowledgement or warranty. The Platform is not responsible for errors or excesses that may arise due to the use of its content or links, whether known or unknown. Any communication or information sent by Platform Users is not the possession of the sender nor guaranteed concerning privacy. In addition, any interactive use by Platform Users does not secure any rights, licenses, or privileges.

5- Compensations: Users hereby acknowledge never to act against the Digital Government Authority or its administrators, including all agencies, employees or authorised agents responsible for managing or updating the GOV.SA Platform of Unified Government Services. This clause is considered a legal exemption of obligations or responsibilities regarding claims resulting from user violation of terms, conditions of use, or other relevant regulations inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

known or unknown, and this clause is considered a legal exemption from the claim resulting from the use of the platform. ​