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    The Kingdom is working on developing its business environment and empowering the private sector. Keen on developing a procedure to receive, study and address challenges faced by the private sector in collaboration with government agencies, in addition to considering views and suggestions, the National Competitiveness Center (NCC) has developed an electronic platform to reduce the time and effort of investors and to unify government efforts through an integrated electronic system. 

    • Effective communication with the private sector.
    • Raising the private sector’s awareness of the implemented business environment reforms.
    • Unifying efforts of government agencies and integrating their work. ​​

    Y​ou can sign up to create an account at the private sector visual platform through NCC’s website by visiting the following link:

    * Kindly note that you need to have an account at the Ministry of Commerce and Investment to benefit from the platform’s services. 

    • The opinion or observation should be related to the laws, regulations, decisions or procedures relevant to the business environment.
    • The name of the law, regulation, decision or procedure in question, as well as its date and the number of the article should be specified.
    • The government entity concerned with the opinion or observation should be indicated.​​

    Any case submitted on the platform passes through 6 stages:

    • Logging the case 
    • Study and analysis
    • Benchmarking
    • Implementing the reform 
    • Confirming reform implementation
    • Announcing the reform

    To sign up for the platform an account at the Ministry of Commerce and Investment is required. In the absence of such an account, you must register at the unified sign-in system on the Ministry of Commerce and Investment website. 

    You can track cases and view the list of all applications after logging in to the main page of the platform.​

    Challenges and suggestions may vary from one case to another, and the time required to complete the evaluation depends on the stages each case goes through in studying, analyzing and benchmarking. Additionally, it is subject to the time needed for procedures to be completed by different government entities. ​

    The investor receives emails with each stage that a registered case reaches. Cases may also be tracked by logging into the platform on NCC’s official website:​

    • Contact NCC between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on the number 199077
    • Email us at​