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National Cybersecurity Strategy

With the​ significant acceleration of digital transformation, the rates of cyber attacks and the risks of data breaches have increased, making the Kingdom keener to provide a secure environment for data and digital operations through a robust security system. Here comes the role of the National Cybersecurity Authority in developing, implementing, and supervising strategies.


National Cybersecurity Strategy

The National Cybersecurity Strategy was developed to reflect the strategic ambition of the Kingdom in a manner that is balanced between security, trust, and growth. It is created to achieve the concept of (a safe and reliable Saudi cyberspace that enables growth and prosperity) It also includes six main concepts:

1- Integration

2- Regulation

3- Assurance

4- Defense

5- Cooperation

6- Construction

The national strategy aims to:

  • - Integrated cybersecurity governance at a national level

  • - Effective management of cyber risks at the national level

  • - Protecting cyberspace

  • - Strengthening national capabilities in defense against cyber threats

  • - Strengthening partnerships and cooperation in Cybersecurity

  • - Building national human capabilities and developing the cybersecurity industry in the Kingdom

Controls and policies

Basic Cybersecurity Controls

In order to reduce the cyber risks on the information and technology assets of the entities at the internal or external level, the authority has worked on 114 basic cybersecurity officers divided into five main components:

  • Cyber Security Governance

  • Enhancing Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity resilience

  • Third-party Cybersecurity and cloud computing

  • Cybersecurity for industrial control systems

Cybersecurity Legislation

Anti-Cyber Crime Law

The Anti-Cyber Crime Law aims at preventing cybercrimes by identifying such crimes and defining their punishments. The objective is to ensure information security, protection of public interest, morals, protection of rights of the legitimate use of computers and information networks, and protection of the national economy.

Cybersecurity Regulation

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