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The most prominent reforms related to improving the business environment in Saudi Arabia

  1. Customs clearance in Saudi ports within 24 hours, through the unified electronic platform "Fasah".
  2. Licensing for commercial activities to operate 24 hours.
  3. 60 minutes to complete the procedures of transferring the real estate ownership.
  4. Reducing the total requirements for investment licenses by 54% in accordance with international best practices.
  5. Issuing a resolution not to obligate private sector establishments to have the official stamp, and to suffice with the approval of the Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Issuing a resolution not to impose any fees or financial compensation without studying the economic and social impacts.
  7. Unifying the reference of the unified service centers to be under the supervision of one government entity.
  8. Issuing the royal order to translate the laws and regulations related to the business environment into English.
  9. Issuing the approval to publish commercial rulings issued by the Supreme Court on the Ministry of Justice website.
  10. Issuing the approval to amend the time frame for updating the electricity tariff rates prior to their application; to be at least 30 days after the date of its announcement.
  11. Launching the Private Sector Feedback Platform, which aims to be a link between investors and government entities, and to study and analyze challenges and proposals.
  12. Cancel the requirement to obtain a work visa approved by the cultural attachés for health practitioners, and to be only satisfied with "Mumaris plus" classification system of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.