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Economic Reforms

The most important reforms related to facilitating and automating procedures

  • ​Clear containers within 24 hours at the Saudi Ports, via (Fasah) unified e-platform. 
  • Reducing the number of the restricted chemicals substances from (131) to (25), in the first list of the regulations for importing chemical substances.
  • Business process re-engineering, and reducing 54% of the licensing requirements, in accordance with the best international practices.
  • Implementing a fines law on electrical service providers in cases of outages or delay in service delivery.
  • Complete the electronic link between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice to issue and certify PoAs "power of attorney" electronically.
  • Transferring real estate property within 60 minutes.​
  • Launching “BARQ” service to enable the business sector to receive electricity service faster, within just two steps.
  • The most important reforms aimed at enhancing women's participation in the economic development