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Regions development

In implementation of what was stipulated in Paragraph No. 6 of Article 4, of regulating the National Competitiveness Center issued according to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 212 on January 1, 2019, which stated:

“Identifying the obstacles and challenges related to the development of the competitive environment, providing insights, proposing the necessary reforms in this regard, and following up on the commitment of the concerned entities to implement them".

Therefore, the NCC scheduled visits to all regions of the Kingdom, with the aim of monitoring the challenges facing the private sector, analyzing them, and proposing recommendations aimed at promoting the development of those regions.

Goals (objectives) of these visits:​

  1. Assessing and improving the local and regional competitiveness of the region.

  2. Inventorying the development opportunities in each region of the Kingdom, and linking them to the main strategic factors of competitiveness.

  3. Identifying the main potentials aimed at promoting the developing activities in each region, such as, e-commerce.

  4. Creating job opportunities in the various targeted economic sectors according to the needs of each region.​