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About Us


​​The National Competitiveness Center has six main objectives:

  • Identify the bottlenecks an​d challenges facing investors and businesses and propose reforms to address them.
  • Support government entities’ implementation of reforms.
  • Track and analyze Saudi Arabia’s performance on global indicators and develop cross-sectoral actions to address any weaknesses causing underperformance.
  • Solicit the views, perspectives, and opinions of investors, businesses, and professional organizations on the different dimensions of competitiveness.
  • Carry out data-driven research on the different dimensions of competitiveness to provide technical advice to influence government strategies, policies and programs, and better guide investors, businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Raise awareness among all the stakeholders, including government entities, businesses, entrepreneurs, professional organizations, the multimedia, and the public about the critical importance of competitiveness for the prosperity of the country and long-term sustainability of the economy.