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Article 8: Executive Director

The NCC shall have an executive director whose appointment and dismissal shall be pursuant to a Board decision. The appointment decision shall determine his remuneration and other financial benefits. The Executive Director shall be in charge of the management of the NCC and the conduct of its affairs in accordance with this Statute and its regulations and Board decisions. He shall assume the following powers and duties:
  1. Proposing the NCC’s general policy, action plans, and programs and submitting the same to the Board for approval.
  2. Proposing the NCC’s organizational structure and administrative and financial regulations and other regulations, and supervising their implementation upon Board approval.
  3. Supervising the NCC’s activities and the performance of its employees in accordance with his powers and the NCC’s regulations.
  4. Issuing the NCC’s payment orders in accordance with its financial regulations.
  5. Preparing the NCC’s budget, final accounts, and annual report, and submitting the same to the Board.
  6. Representing the NCC before the judiciary, government agencies, and other relevant entities within the Kingdom and abroad; he may delegate such power.
  7. Preparing periodic reports on the NCC’s activities and achievements as well as challenges encountered, and submitting the same to the Board for completion of necessary procedures.
  8. Signing agreements and contracts upon Board approval or in accordance with the powers granted to him by the Board.
  9. Appointing the NCC’s employees and terminating their services in accordance with the powers vested in him and as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.
  10. Concluding contracts with experts, specialists, and consultants with experience relevant to the NCC’s activities.
  11. Submitting proposals and recommendations to the Board relating to matters falling within his responsibilities.
  12. Recording Board decisions and the opinions and votes thereon in a special register.
  13. Proposing additional services and their fees and submitting the same to the Board for approval.
  14. Monitoring the implementation of decisions relating to the NCC’s activities.
  15. Preparing the NCC’s performance indicators and submitting the same to the Board for approval.
  16. Utilizing the media and other means of communication to highlight the Kingdom's role in global competitiveness.
  17. Assuming any other power or duty assigned thereto by the Board.
    The Executive Director may assign some of his powers and duties to other NCC employees.