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Business Environment

Business Environment in Saudi Arabia

​Government entities took part in more than 500 ​business environment reforms in Saudi Arabia that were remarkably impactful. Such reforms required examining obstacles, exploring challenges faced by the business environment, proposing effective solutions and reforming rules and regulations of the business environment. It has resulted in developing investment and commercial activities, boosting investors' and companies’ confidence and raising the level of transparency in government entities.   

  • Impact of Recent Business Environment Developments
  • Changes undertaken by government entities through reforming the business environment in Saudi Arabia has played part in:

    • Increasing capital investment.
    • Growth of revenue and profit. 
    • Generating job opportunities. 
    • Increasing the growth of GDP and government revenues. 

  • ​A glimpse of the Development of Business Environment 
    • Digital Transformation 
    • To facilitate the procedure of government agencies, Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step to digitalize the government procedure. Thus, a number of e-platforms have been launched to serve different government agencies which has significantly contributed to time saving, reducing financial costs and increasing work efficiency among government agencies. Moreover, digital transformation has contributed to digitalize many administrative procedures to facilitate interaction between investors and companies, raise the level of transparency in business environment and creating clear foundations in accordance with the in globally applicable systems.        

    • Women Empowerment
    • In our quest to take part in empowering Saudi women and to strengthen their role in Saudi Arabia's journey towards unprecedented development, we introduced positive aspects of the new business environments. Such changes encompass reducing bureaucratic procedures and adopting new regulations to empower women in the business environment. Our belief in the promising prospect of women in the fields of investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, and specialized technical talents is unshaking. We work to enable women to generate opportunities in human capital investment and stimulate the growth of new sectors in our economy.​