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About the business environment in Saudi Arabia


The NCC, in integration with more than 60 government entities, implemented more than 550 legislative and procedural reforms that contributed to improving, facilitating, and developing the business environment in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it formed a solid basis for launching a new generation of reforms that contribute to the transition of the economy to global competitiveness in its most comprehensive concept, based on productivity, sustainability, and inclusiveness, and to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to be among the ten most competitive countries globally. 

Business Environment Enablers:

  • Developing procedures to secure a work environment that contributes to attracting investments, reducing costs and time for completing transactions, and promoting the use of digitization.
  • Updating the systems and working methods in companies and factories to match the requirements of the local and global market and production developments, and supporting the development of workforce and expertise to increase productivity.
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of the economic sectors of the Kingdom's strategic priority, by developing financial policies to stimulate investment in them.
  • Monitoring government entities and ensuring the implementation of laws and provisions without discrimination in the public sector and between the public and private sectors, and sharing data related to government business.
  • Improving the foundations of litigation and methods of obtaining rights through alternative dispute settlement means and means of prevention and mitigation of disputes.
  • Improving national skills in Saudi Arabia and developing talents to match the Saudization plan in all sectors and provide the skills required in the current and future labor market.
  • Working to reach the sustainable development goals, which include supporting the participation of women, youth and remote areas in the labor market, and contributing to combating climate change.
  • Studying methods and action plans to support exports between Saudi Arabia and other countries, and developing commercial relations and existing trade exchange agreements.

Components and Supporting Investments:

  •  Solid infrastructure.
  •  Technical infrastructure.
  • Human capital.
  • Scientific research and innovation.
  • Commercial courts and the judiciary.
  • Sectoral funds and government financing mechanisms for the private sector.