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    • That the feedback and views is related to the laws, regulations, decisions or procedures of the business environment.

    • Determining the name of the law, regulation, decision, procedure and its date and article or item number.

    • Identifying of the government entity concerned with the opinion or observation.

    • To submit a challenge or proposal, the following steps must be followed:

    • Click on (new case).​

    • Choose the case from the listed options, then fill in the required data, and press (save and send).

    The beneficiary will be notified with the case number, and the way to follow it up via an SMS on the mobile, as well as by the email registered to enter the platform and benefit from it.​

    There are 6 specific stages that the case undergoes before it is announced, and they are as follows:

    • First stage: registering a new case

    • Second stage: studying and analyzing the case.

    • Third stage: benchmarking the case.

    • Fourth stage: implementing the reform according to the case.

    • Fifth stage: make sure that the reform is implemented in the relevant entity.

    • Sixth stage: announcing the reform.